This year, we teamed up with London-based Fashion Blogger Yuliya to give you the low-down on which trends to look out for this season. Plus, what happened when she took over our Insta feed. Since this is the 6th Fashion Week she’s attended, we were so excited for her takeover!                                                                               What’s your top tip to survive Read More
26th Sep 2017
Summer is officially over! That tricky time of year has arrived, when we have to transition our wardrobes into autumn. Luckily, our JustFab stylists have identified the 6 key trends that have everyone talking this season. Discover them below! ❣️ Trend: Red Wine ❣️ From sweet strawberry to rich burgundy, red is definitely the hottest colour of the Read More
6th Sep 2017
Never say never! Who would of thought that the 90s would be making a major comeback? From chokers to scrunchies, our favourite 90s trends are back in style, ready for us to take a trip down memory lane. Check out our top 12 trends below, plus tips on how to wear them in 2017! Tracksuit Bottoms   Read More
22nd Aug 2017
Summer isn’t over yet, and yet, we’re already dreaming of autumn. Perhaps, we have the chilly British summer weather to blame for that, or simply the amazing autumn trends we’re expecting to see come in! After a colourful and bling-worthy summer, we’re looking forward to a softer palette and retro vibes. We know…dressing in-between seasons Read More
4th Aug 2017
90s Playlist
The ’90s were hands down our favourite decade! The cult TV shoes, the Rachel haircut, the crop tops… we just love everything the ’90s brought us (except maybe the skirt over trousers fiasco). The best legacy, however, has go to be the feel good tunes. Whether we’re sweating it out at the gym or simply typing Read More
9th Feb 2017
The 90s Fashion Trend
Flashback to the 90s… you’re holding a microphone (aka a brush), dreaming you were Baby Spice and singing Wannabe for the millionth time. Forward 20 years later (eek!) and we’re about to make your dream come true. While we can’t give you your own Spice Bus quite yet (we wish we could), we can teach you how to Read More
Top 2017 Fashion Trends
New year, new trends! ? Our Fabshionistas have been hitting the high streets and reading the latest fashion forecasts to make sure you stay ahead of the trends, this year. Can you keep a secret? Follow us – here are the top four trends to look out for! Read More
9th Jan 2017
Cross Body Bag
It’s no secret that autumn is all about the most low-maintenance bag in our accessories arsenal: the cross body. It’s hands-free, works with every kind of outfit and is the epitome of cool style. The best part? It’s the most practical piece in the game. We chatted with Annie Chao, JustFab’s bag buyer, and Tiffany Blake, Read More
24th Oct 2016
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15th Jul 2016