Yellow Lace-Up Sandals
Don’t think yellow is your colour? Think again! From lemon to mustard, this bright hue has been flooding the runways. Street style stars have also been jumping on the colour trend, and you can too! Here are our top 8 tips on how to where yellow to suit your skin tone and hair colour. Remember, Read More
17th Mar 2017
Flare jeans and heeled sandals.
What’s the next big jeans trend? Kick flared jeans are making a comeback! Thanks to celebs, like Gigi Hadid and Reese Witherspoon, we’ve become pros at styling our kick flares. Whether you prefer them cropped or ripped, these 70s-inspired jeans will bring an element of fun to your spring wardrobe. And styling them is easier Read More
14th Mar 2017
Wine Glasses
Women wearing little black dresses.
Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is this coming Tuesday, and we know you must be feeling the butterflies. You’ve got your date, the restaurant has been booked, now comes the hard part… what to wear and how to style your hair. Luckily, we found the best Valentine’s Day hairstyles to impress your beau, Read More
10th Feb 2017
90s Playlist
The ’90s were hands down our favourite decade! The cult TV shoes, the Rachel haircut, the crop tops… we just love everything the ’90s brought us (except maybe the skirt over trousers fiasco). The best legacy, however, has go to be the feel good tunes. Whether we’re sweating it out at the gym or simply typing Read More
9th Feb 2017
The 90s Fashion Trend
Flashback to the 90s… you’re holding a microphone (aka a brush), dreaming you were Baby Spice and singing Wannabe for the millionth time. Forward 20 years later (eek!) and we’re about to make your dream come true. While we can’t give you your own Spice Bus quite yet (we wish we could), we can teach you how to Read More
Berlin Fashion Week
Berlin Fashion Week is the trendiest fashion event in Germany, so we weren’t about to miss it! We partnered with online fashion magazine, Styleranking, in order to show off our newest heels and help make their show one to remember. We also chatted to some of the hottest fashion bloggers present at the event, in Read More
8th Feb 2017
JustFab Blogger Showroom
This month, we had a browse through some of our favourite blogs and were thrilled to spot some of our fave JustFab styles. Here are a few of the bloggers who caught our eye. Ready? These are the fashion bloggers to follow!   Spotted: The Reni Booties on Dalry Rose The Blogger: Lana from Dalry Rose The Read More
30th Jan 2017
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How To Wear: The Cold Shoulder By JustFab
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Boho Belle: Festival Clothing & Beauty Tips by JustFab☮
A festival calls for cool and comfortable looks, such as a denim jacket thrown over a knotted t-shirt. To help you know how to dress to impress at the festivals you'll be attending, we've sought inspiration from some of the world's top celebrities and IT-girls. Our ultimate festival guide, filled with fashion and beauty tips is… Read More
15th Jul 2016