Quiz: Find Your Perfect Party Shoes!

6th Dec 2016 / By The Blog Team
Shoe quiz

With the holidays in full swing, it’s likely that your social calendar is off-the-charts. And when it comes to holiday parties, there’s nothing more fun than putting together your look. It’s been said that a woman’s shoes can say a lot about her personality, so we’ve created a fun little quiz to help you find the perfect pair for every soiree on your calendar. Ready to find your perfect pair? Let’s go!

1. The tunes at your BFF’s party are so not your jam. When you decide to hit the DJ booth and take charge, what do you play?


2. You’re heading to your annual work party. What are you rocking?


3. What is the first thing you do when you walk into a party?


4. What are your NYE plans?


5. When it comes to festive drinks, what do you typically reach for?


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Can you do a quiz about how many people enjoy having a 'non-refundable' amount of money taken out of their bank account every month?

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