Dos And Don’ts Of Organising Your Wardrobe

12th Sep 2014 / By JustFab Editor
A clothing rack with dresses, trousers and blouses.

I want to share some of my favourite ways that I like to keep my wardrobe put together and really easy to navigate through. You will see that the ongoing theme for each category is that you always want to be able to clearly see everything in your wardrobe tangle and mess free. Try one or all of my do’s and toss the don’ts from your life. You can put more time into styling your outfits instead of rumbling through piles and piles of a pretty huge mess.

Woman wearing hoop earrings and a black, faux suede blazer.

Get the look: The Bling Leader earrings in antique gold.


DO: Lay your jewellery flat on tray or in a drawer. That way it looks like a pretty fancy boutique. Everything is there: necklaces, rings, cuffs and more. Neat, chic and ready to be piled on.

DON’T: Load all of your jewellery in bags or even boxes. They tangle like crazy, and you can never see how grand your collection truly is. Jewellery trees tend to look a little messy if you have more than 4 necklaces; come on, you’re a JustFab girl, so I know you do!

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Woman wearing a yellow shirt dress and faux suede ankle boots.

Get the Look: The Pintuck Peasant Dress in marigold.


DO: Opt for thin hangers in the same colour that can double, sometimes even triple the space use of your wardrobe. Hang your clothes by colour and then by shape: i.e. jumpsuits, followed by maxi dresses, followed by mini skirts. It makes getting dressed easier and styling your looks so much more fun.

DON’T: Double your clothes on one hanger, especially when it comes to trousers. You always want to be able to clearly see what you have in the wardrobe, and fast. And if you don’t wear it for the day, immediately stick it back on the hanger and into the wardrobe. Maintaining the wardrobe as you go along is much easier than tackling a huge pile of crumpled tops on the floor that has been sitting there for a week.

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Woman wearing a black skirt, jumper, lace-up court shoes and a black tote bag.

Get the look: The Kaego court shoes and the Jiunn tote bag in black croc.


DO: Line your shoes up in colour order, and then by style and height in an open space where you can clearly see them without making any moves or shifts. I like to store them in clear boxes with a picture of the shoe on the outside. They are stackable and easy to transport when moving.

DON’T: Throw your shoes in bins or baskets. Why? Because you will never get to the bottom and see those flats that you love so much but just forgot about.

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Woman wearing a black cardigan, dress and a camel tote bag.

Get the look: Floral Intentions


DO: Stack your clutches like envelopes in an accordion style. Shelving is my favourite way to store my bags. It’s easy to see them all, and the wall space where they live keeps your floors clutter-free.

DON’T: Pile your bags on top of each other. It only crushes them and makes them lose shape.

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