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Did you catch the season finale of Kimora: House of Fab? In the final episode, JustFab goes to Fashion Week for the Charlotte Ronson show. And where Kimora goes, you know there’s never a dull moment! Recap below:

JustFab at  Fashion Week

Episode 8 Show Recap:

Kimora shares that JustFab is going to Fashion Week because JustFab is a BFD, Big Fashion Deal. She wants the shoes to be the primary focus. Kim wants to capitalise on the opportunity. Kimora received a call from Charlotte Ronson, friend of Kimora, and an amazing designer. Sandra is excited, as Charlotte Ronson has been worn by Nicole Richie. Lianca will do anything to go to Fashion Week. She’s excited for her first experience to be with Kimora. What better way to pop that fashionable cherry? Charlotte’s mood board is very ladylike, and Kim wants some neutral looks (greys, blacks, tans). Kim is worried to send them prototypes, because they are samples that might break. When she meets Charlotte, she realises that there are bright coloured shoes, so that means some of the neutral shoes are not there. On the day of the show, one of the prototypes break before the show, so Kim has to go to a shoe repair person to fix the shoes. Sandra and Lianca are just excited to be there, and want to go to Fashion’s Night Out. Kim finds out she wont get the shoes in time, so she doesn’t think she can have fun at Fashions Night Out. But they have a great night anyway.

Kimora is upset that Kim won’t be there when she talks to People StyleWatch Magazine. She meets with Shauna Kaufmann and is upset she doesn’t have any clutches in their possession. She expresses her feelings to Lianca, and wants it fixed asap. Lianca says the problem was not created by her, but she will fix it. When she gets back to the office, she immediately asks for clutches for People StyleWatch. Kim sits Lianca down to talk about what happened at the meeting. Kim approves of how Lianca handled the situation. She offers Lianca an opportunity to work on the PR team.

Don wants to do a brick and morter store, and is excited to drive their 10 million members to the store. Kimora wants the glitz and glamour, and Don wants a conventional store. Right in time for their 3 year anniversary. Don and Adam find a space they love, and Adam and Don to sit down with Kimora to talk about the space. Kimora is annoyed they made so many decisions without her, but ultimately likes the location choice for the flagship store, Glendale. They gather the team to share the news with them. Everyone is so excited for the new location, and also for year 4.

Sarah and Ashley are brought in to support Kim with fashion week. Ashley and Sarah are disappointed they can’t go. Kim asks the team to set up meetings with magazines. They are calling the big guns, InStyle, Marie Claire, Glamour, OK!. She also gives Lianca some PR assignments. Lianca is interested in the cool after parties, and Kimora wants her with  no shopping hangovers and no real hangovers. Sarah and Ashley touch base about fashion week, and Ashley drops the bomb that she is going to leave JustFab. She wants to start a charity that helps “doggies”. Kim is sad to hear Ashley is leaving, and having to replace her is going to be hard.

Fern Mallis created New York Fashion Week and called Kimora to interview her while she’s there. There is no better way to get your fashion street cred then in New York fashion week. During FW, Kimora stops to say hi to Paris Hilton. She interviews with Fashion Godmother Mallis. Russell brings their kids to watch the show and mommies products.

During the last episode, the staff recap their favourite moments from the year. The future is looking JustFab!

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OMG....just bought my first pair of shoes from Just Fab site. I'm sooooo exited can't wait 2 wear them! Kind regards.....massive all things Kimora fan....Fabulosity Forever!!

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