26th Apr 2013 / By JustFab Editor

Where does the time go? It’s the second last episode for this season. In this episode, JustFab work with Avril Lavigne on an exclusive shoe collection and Kimora shoots a new TV ad. Read on for the recap, and don’t forget to tune in next week for the finale!


Episode 7 Show Recap:

Kim pitches a collaboration with Avril Lavigne, and Don, Adam, and Kimora love the idea. Kim kicks off the partnership with her team, PR gals, Sarah and Ashley. It is going to be an amazing event, a live streamed contest, and the products will immediately go on sale afterwards. This is going to be the biggest event they’ve ever done. Adam pops in to see how the project goes, to reinforce what is at stake. The girls get nervous. Kimora and Kim come to the Abbey Dawn showroom to see the collaboration collection. Kimora shakes things up by saying she hates the collection. But after fooling the group, she confesses she loves it. The timeline for Avril and the commercial are within the same week. During the planning stage, Ashley and Sarah go to the Viper Room to scout the location. Kim realises that the commercial shoot is the same day as the Avril concert. The day of the event, there are a lot of celebrities and Avril looks amazing. Kimora is 25 minutes behind schedule, and Avril is supposed to go on in 10 minutes. Kimora arrives just in time, and hits the pink carpet looking fabulous. Avril announces she is so excited to be a part of the show. Adam checks the sale right after the event, and that night they sell a lot of shoes!

Kimora meets with the production and video teams to discuss concept ideas for her commercial: concept 1 is business mogul and concept 2 is fashion theatre. Don and Adam want sexy supermodel, Kimora wants role model. The video team wait a while for an answer from Kimora. So Lianca approaches Kimora for an answer. Kimora makes a decision and agrees to do the fashion theatre concept. On the day of the shoot, Kimora does not like the set and she is very cranky. She doesn’t appreciate being instructed how to pose, since she is a veteran. She negotiates with the team to change the script to include her title at the company. Kimora loves the final outcome of the video. Don thinks its good but thinks her hair should have been down instead of up.

Johnny gets approached by a recruiter. He goes to interview at Trailer Park. He feels appreciated, and though he doesn’t want to leave JustFab, he just wants better opportunities. Tom, the hiring manager at Trailer Park, calls Johnny shortly after to offer him the job. He takes out his JustFab girls, Ashley, Jessica, Sarah, and Rose to discuss his career opportunity. They tell him to make a pros and cons list. The girls really talk up the pros of being at JustFab. Johnny thinks about it, and decides to break the news to Rosie first. The news is he decides not to take the job.

Tune into Style Network on Sky Channel 253 or Virgin Media 285 next Thursday, 9pm for the finale!

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