Kimora: House of Fab Episode 6 Recap

19th Apr 2013 / By JustFab Editor

Where does the time go? We’re already at Episode 6! In this episode, Kimora wants to bring JustFab customers a complete head-to-toe, and gets the team working on a dress range. Read our recap below.

Sara and Ashley from the PR team

Episode 6 Show Recap:

Kimora sits down with Adam and Don, her CO-CEOs, to discuss the need of the customer to get a complete head to toe look. Don wants to get it right, but realises they need to strike while the denim is hot. Kim brings in Lesley to take the lead on the dress project. Kimora wants her to design 20 dresses in half a year, when it can sometimes take 1 year, covering business, casual and date looks. Lesley reaches out to Russell to help source the manufacturing, and Russell is surprised by the timeframe but thinks they can get it done. Lesley and Natalie discuss the boards, so they present Kimora only the best. Kimora is not excited by Lesley’s options, but finds a few that she likes. She asks Lesley to have the ones she likes produced. Lesley gets the samples and asks Sarah and Ashley to model. Kimora doesn’t hate the styles, but doesn’t like the fabrication. She doesn’t want to push polyester down the runway. Lesley preps the samples for the second round. Kimora loves the new samples and thinks everything looks much better.

Sandra needs retouched images from Lianca, and Lianca misses the deadlines. Alyson is concerned with Lianca’s performance. She shares the issues she is having with Lianca’s performance, and feels the basics of her job aren’t covered. Lianca seems unfocused and depressed. Sandra sits down with Lianca to see why there is a dip in her performance. Lianca confesses that she has been unfocused because she doesn’t feel challenged in her role. Sandra advises her that if she wants to grow in her role, she needs to be a rockstar. Lianca is given the opportunity to revamp the fashion quiz. She pitches to Don, who finds the initial concept boring.

Jessica Pastor is one of the JustFab Stylists, so Lianca sits in to see how Jessica talks to her clients. She thinks this will help her revamp the fashion personality quiz. The questions include: which celebrities do you identify with, how do you identify your style. Pastor told Lianca to see a colourologist, Lianca doesn’t know what to expect. The colourologist sits her down under different coloured lights. Lianca had a colour ephiphany and “got it”. Lianca rethinks the whole quiz concept and comes up with an exciting grid. Sandra asks for a sneak peek, and loves it. But when Lianca presents the concept, the theoretical presentation doesn’t resonate with Don. He calls it “mass confusion”. But once he sees the whole presentation, he thinks the presentation is impressive.

Kim shares that JustFab will be participating in the Susan G Komen Walk and everyone is excited to participate. Sarah suggests that they could have a truck at the event to share product. Johnny takes on the design of the truck, and feels like the project has a great sense of purpose for him. Johnny pitches the concept of a shoe closet wrapping around the truck and heels on wheels, but Kim doesn’t like them. Johnny went back to the drawing board. Johnny’s final design has heels art all over, Kim and Sandra are thrilled with the result. Sarah, Ashley and Johnny go to look at food trucks, so they can pick their truck for the event. At the event, the final result is amazing. There were 30,000 women walking and they all come to the truck at the same time. It was busy! At the end, Don challeneged Johnny to a foot race and won. Don doubled the donation to Susan G. Komen.

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