It may sound crazy, but have you ever thought of adding honey to your beauty arsenal? This little gem contains antibacterial and moisturising properties. Get ready to whip up 4 beauty products that are as sweet as honey. Read More
2nd Oct 2014
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but I’m more than happy to make acquaintances with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and any other precious stone that comes my way. If it sparkles and shines, I want it! So join me on a tour of the year’s most beguiling gems: birthstones. Each month is assigned a stone (or two), but who can ever remember them all? And what do they even mean? Read More
25th Sep 2014
The earth has a surface area of 510,072,000 km², is made up of just fewer than 200 countries, and is home to an estimated 7 billion people. There is clearly a lot of exploring to do. Consider wandering the world around you, and check out these wonders for a bit of inspiration. Read More
24th Sep 2014
Oh moving, a fresh start, but not without packing woes! Here are some helpful moving tips; continue reading to learn how easy and fun this process can be. Read More
19th Sep 2014
We have all had those nights when we just want to stay in and watch a film, or maybe even an entire day. To continue our beat boredom series we have compiled a list of 9 films that simply never get old, plus a few bonus recommendations. Read More
14th Sep 2014
Whether you’re newly smitten or in it for the long haul, finding new date ideas can be a challenge, especially when trying to stick to a budget. Here are a couple fun and frugal date ideas to help keep things fresh without breaking the bank! Read More
9th Sep 2014
Have you ever been stumped on which flowers are in season, or more specifically, what’s best in bloom for the month? Don’t go floral shopping for large events, such as a wedding, without the monthly flower guide below. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying big bucks for flowers that are out of season, or running Read More
4th Sep 2014
Heading off on a last-minute summer holiday? Below is a list of essentials that are easy to forget, but crucial for an easy going trip! Read More
3rd Sep 2014
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