It’s time to give your skin a little extra TLC, especially your face. Prevent dry, itchy, and irritated skin this season by trying this moisturising face mask. The best part is, you might already have all these ingredients at home! We promise you’ll love the after glow of your rejuvenated skin. Read More
18th Nov 2014
While we’re always sad to part ways with summer, transitioning our makeup looks from one season to the next is proven to boost happiness and limit seasonal blues. Here’s an easy-to-master beauty look anyone can achieve! Read More
28th Oct 2014
We want to share a few tips on how to flash a gorgeous smile. Try something new this season, trust me – your luscious lips deserve to be coated with bold colours & daring trends. Check out these tips for a fun smile. Read More
21st Oct 2014
In Beauty Pageants, women are judged on talent, interview skills, fitness, poise and of course inner and outer beauty I always wonder what beauty secrets these queens use to look picture perfect at all times. I wanted to know what secrets modern day beauty queens are keeping from the rest of us. Read More
19th Oct 2014
It may sound crazy, but have you ever thought of adding honey to your beauty arsenal? This little gem contains antibacterial and moisturising properties. Get ready to whip up 4 beauty products that are as sweet as honey. Read More
2nd Oct 2014
Our calendars get jam packed with fun (and sometimes inescapable) family gatherings, reunions and soirees. With all of the events swarming the cold-weather season, the last thing you want is the weather preventing you from putting your best face forward. Unless you’re blessed with year-round perfect skin & hair, we’ve broken down 5 beauty concerns you will, or already have, face this festive season, and more importantly, how to fix them! Read More
1st Oct 2014
Thanks to gifts, beauty product subscription services and shopping splurges, make up inventory can begin overflowing. You may have more primers, eye shadows, lip glosses, and moisturisers than you could use in one season. Unfortunately, most make up has a shelf life of 3 months to 18 months. The resolution: to sort out your make up stash! Here are 5 easy tips for a clean and organised make-up solution. Read More
23rd Sep 2014
Truth: Chocolate really does do a body good! Read More
18th Sep 2014
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