Let The Music Play: The JustFab ’90s Playlist

9th Feb 2017 / By The Blog Team
90s Playlist

The ’90s were hands down our favourite decade! The cult TV shoes, the Rachel haircut, the crop tops… we just love everything the ’90s brought us (except maybe the skirt over trousers fiasco). The best legacy, however, has go to be the feel good tunes. Whether we’re sweating it out at the gym or simply typing away at our desks, play us some Backstreet Boys and you’ll see our energy levels spike! Remember: Shaggy, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, NSYNC (to name a few)? From Pop to Hip-Hop to Grunge, there’s something for everyone. Feel like dancing? So, do we! Grab your BFFs – we’ve got the ’90s playlist you’ve been dreaming of!

The JustFab ’90s Playlist

Slip on your crop top, button up your flare jeans and grab your platforms…it’s time to hit play!

Why are we revisiting the ’90s, you ask? Well, good news – ’90s style is back in fashion! We can’t get enough of this trend, which is why you’ll find plenty of new ’90s-inspired outfits in your boutique. Haven’t signed up yet? Take our style quiz now to get access to your own personalised boutique.

Take a peek at some of our top looks!

90’s-Inspired JustFab Outfits

Which ’90s hit is your fave? Did you enjoy our playlist? Leave us a comment below! ?

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Enjoy our playlist! For now, we have to say…

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