How To Dress Like A ’90s Pop Star

9th Feb 2017 / By The Blog Team
The 90s Fashion Trend

Flashback to the 90s… you’re holding a microphone (aka a brush), dreaming you were Baby Spice and singing Wannabe for the millionth time. Forward 20 years later (eek!) and we’re about to make your dream come true. While we can’t give you your own Spice Bus quite yet (we wish we could), we can teach you how to dress like your ’90s pop idol! Simply find your fave ’90s hit below and will pick an outfit that matches. Let’s go!

Get The Look: Destiny’s Child

This season, we’ve got camo print fever! After all, it wouldn’t be the ’90s without it.

Our top Survivor-inspired JustFab styles:

Get The Look: Anastacia

Unleash your inner rebel by adopting Anastacia’s fearless style. The crop top and high-waisted trousers combo is ’90s perfection!

Our top Anastacia-inspired JustFab styles:

Get The Look: Mariah Carey

How could we not mention our fave ’90s diva? Shake your hips and show some bling!

Our top Mariah-inspired JustFab styles:

Get The Look: The Spice Girls

Need a feel good song to push away the winter blues? Turn up the  volume! Whether you were more into Posh, Baby, Scary, Sporty or Ginger, it’s time to start mixing colours and textures.

Our top Spice Girls-inspired JustFab styles:

Get The Look: Britney Spears

Back to the ’90s = back to school! We’ve got the sexy college girl look you need to wow your colleagues and your special someone!

Our top Britney-inspired JustFab styles:

Which ’90s pop star look is your fave? Tell us in a comment below! ?

Don’t forget to send us pics of your ’90s-inspired outfits via Instagram and Facebook. You could be featured on our #JustFabStyle page!

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