Our VIPs Speak Out: JustFab VIP Membership Reviews

4th Oct 2016 / By The Blog Team
JustFab VIP Members

Becoming a JustFab VIP is full of great perks! Not only do you get to indulge in your shopping obsession on a monthly basis, but you also get to benefit from exclusive deals on all of your favourite styles. Still hesitating? You can find all the details on how our membership programme works here. It’s as easy as save, shop, order! Two of our VIP members, Lubka and Bianca, tell us what they love most about their membership, which styles have them raving this month and what advice they would give to future members. Ready to get started? Meet the girls below.


Two women trying on platform sandals, flat sandals and court shoes.

What do you love most about JF?

I love shoes and I wear many different styles – from cute flats, to chic stilettos and chunky boots. I love that on JustFab you can literally find anything you fancy each month and you can even experiment with new styles as soon as the trends come out.

Do you have a favourite style/look? Which one?

My favourite style usually combines elegant girly chic with a bit of East London edginess.

Woman wearing a straw hat, wide leg trousers, off-the-shoulder top and sandals.

What do you like more about fashion?

Fashion gives women a wonderful kind of power to express mood, show status and to reach new goals.

What’s your style essential? (You can list more than one.)

Block heels, skinny jeans, an elegant shirt and a stylish blazer – these are my wardrobe staples. They can work perfectly together or level up any other outfit.

Woman wearing a pink dress, heeled gladiator sandals and tote bag.

What does your morning beauty routine look like?

I start my day by cleaning my face with Bulgarian rose water. I gently tap my skin dry with a towel and I use a toning mist with UV protection, followed by facial oil and lip balm. Hydration is very important for me to keep my skin glowing and healthy.

What JustFab look in your wardrobe would you choose for a job interview?

For a job interview, I would wear a simple black jumpsuit with straight legs, minimal jewellery, red lipstick and clean court shoes. For a business meeting, I’d swap them for red heels.

 What is your favourite JustFab photoshoot campaign?

I’m deeply in love with JustFab’s summer photoshoot in New Orleans, and now, I want to visit so I can re-create my own JustFab photo session.

Any advice for our future members?

Don’t forget to check out the #MyJustFabStyle street looks to get inspiration from bloggers and stylists from around the world.

Isn’t she just fab? Read Labka’s blog here!

Woman wearing heeled sandals and ripped skinny jeans.

Fashion blogger Bianca shows off her colourful heeled sandals next the to the JustFab Fashion Bottle, which she received through the new VIP Loyalty Programme.


How long have you been a JustFab VIP?      

I’ve been a VIP for 2 years I think, and a Brand Ambassador since the start of the programme!

What made you want to join the JustFab club?

I love shoes, and after seeing them on a Canadian blogger, I thought I would give it a try and have been hooked ever since!

What do you love most about JustFab? 

The shoe selection is really fantastic. If I want something for a night out or even for work, the selection is there and the best thing about being a VIP is that you don’t have to buy something every single month!

Woman wearing a leather jacket, white t-shirt, pink midi skirt and black tote bag.

Get the look: The Pleated Midi Skirt in nude

Do you have a favourite style/look? Which one?

At the moment my favourite are the Vivienne shoes.  They are so different to anything I’ve seen!  The iridescent colour makes them really stand out with a simple outfit.

Blue court shoes and a white tote bag.

Get the look: The Vivenne court shoes

What do you like most about fashion?  

I love that fashion is so personal. I could wear an item of clothing and it looks one way. And then, I could see it on someone else and it looks like a completely different item. Its a matter of individuality and personal style.

What’s your style essential? 

My style essential is a good white shirt/tee. My go-to outfit combo is normally a white shirt, jeans and heels with a cute bag. It looks so put together but takes minimal effort.

What does your morning beauty routine look like?  

In the morning, I am all about staying in bed for as long as possible, but I use the Bobbi Brown cleansing balm in the shower, then Spritz my skin with a Balance Me toner, Ren Daily Defence moisturiser and then on to my makeup. My makeup for work is always very simple. Tinted moisturiser, with a dab of foundation where needed, mascara, fill in my brows and lip balm.

Woman wearing platform sandals.

Get the look: The Barbey platform sandals

What JustFab look you would choose for a 1st date?

On a first date, the nerves are high, so I don’t want to be worrying about my shoes. Something cute but comfortable is key. I recently purchased the Barbey shoes, which I wore out for dinner with my boyfriend, and they were incredibly comfortable despite the heel height. They are platform sandals, so it takes the pressure off your feet and the colour just looks incredible with a cute white dress in the summer.

What JustFab look in your wardrobe would you choose for a job interview?

That’s a tough question! I always tend to go for flats on job interviews, as I don’t want to embarrass myself by tripping over!  My JF Jamie leopard print flats are my go-to. I pair them with black tailored trousers and a tan silk shirt.

Any advice for our future members?

I have wide feet so I always have to go up half a size in JustFab heels.

Want to know more? Check out Bianca’s Instagram account here.

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