Go Green And Eat Your Spinach!

29th Mar 2015 / By JustFab Editor

Eating spinach is no longer the painful process that your parents subjected you to when you were young. With Foodism on the rise, there are a tonne of delightful recipes that incorporate spinach that will satisfy the most sensitive palates. Not to mention, spinach has loads of wonderful health benefits that makes consuming it so worth it!

According to Fitness Magazine, spinach is rich in antioxidants and loaded with lutein, “which keeps your eyes healthy and sparkling”. Spinach is also an awesome source for vitamins B, C, and E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. So let’s swap out lettuce for spinach and try some of our favourite spinach recipes below… Popeye would be so proud!

Tropical Spinach Smoothie (pictured above)

180 ml coconut milk
1/2 half of avocado
165 g fresh pineapple
1/2 banana
8 strawberries
60 g spinach
140 g ice

Directions: Place all the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth.

Spinach Pancakes

60 g fresh spinach
235 ml buttermilk
2 eggs
1 tbsp oil
100 g wheat flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

Directions: In a blender, combine the spinach, buttermilk, egg, and oil and blend until smooth. Combine the other ingredients with the mixture. Heat a large pan & drizzle a small amount of oil on it. Pour about 1 tablespoon of the pancake mixture onto the pan. Flip the pancakes and cook for about 3-5 minutes.

Strawberry Fields Salad

90 g cups fresh spinach
150 g strawberries
1 avocado
35 g red onion
2 tbsp of walnuts
30 g  gorgonzola or blue cheese
Balsamic Vinaigrette

Directions: Wash spinach and strawberries thoroughly and combine in a large bowl. Chop onions and dice avocado into cubes. Toss all ingredients together and add desired amount of dressing.

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