How To Host Your Own Viewing Party

7th Jan 2015 / By JustFab Editor

Awards shows are officially here! Nothing beats having friends over to watch the GlobesGRAMMY’s, BAFTA’s or The Oscars as you “ooh” and “ah” over the show’s most memorable moments. Best of all, you get to gush over the custom gowns and wardrobe malfunctions. The key to throwing a great awards show viewing party is to create a fun environment where everyone feels like a star. Here are a few tips to help bring the glitz and glamour to your living room.

Wardrobe (see image above): To really play up the event, ask your friends to wear a fancy outfit. The Cap Sleeve Ruched Dress is perfect for the occasion. Pair it with a heeled sandal such as Leah and a Nightlife clutch and you’ll have a head to toe red carpet look. Paint your nails red for that extra touch of glam.

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1. Drinks:  Pop open the champagne and rim your glasses with edible glitter stars for extra flair. In addition, offer your guests a non-alcoholic drink such as water with sliced strawberries.
2. Décor: Adding a flower arrangement to your party is essential. Consider peach, pink and ivory hues for a sophisticated look.
3. Snacks: Get into the spirit with buttered popcorn & various seasoning options. Yum!
4. Fancy Desserts: Bake or buy three different mini desserts to make sure you have something everyone will enjoy. Personal fave: delicious doughnut holes!

Additional Tips:

  • Take lots of pictures to capture memories from the spectacular night.
  • Have enough seating for everyone invited.
  • Just for fun: Print out a few ballots of the top nomination categories ahead of time. Have some friendly competition among your guests and see who can guess the winners of those tough categories correctly!

Comment below & let us know your viewing party ideas!

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