3 Cute Hairstyles for the Christmas Holidays

18th Dec 2014 / By JustFab Editor

The happiest time of year is in full swing & it’s time to plan your party calendar. With such busy schedules this season, the last thing on your to do list is how to style your hair, but showing up with a frizzy mess is not okay. Check out these 3 easy hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion.

Fancy Curls in 8 Steps

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What you’ll need:
Curling Iron/Wand

1. Brush your hair.
2. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail.
3. Grab about a 2cm section of your hair.
4. Curl the 2cm section with your curling iron/wand. You should only hold it for about 10-15 seconds.
5. Continue parting & curling each section.
6. Once all the sections are curled, spray it with hairspray.
7. Remove the ponytail, flip your hair down & shake out the curls.
8. Add a little more hairspray to secure the curls.
9. Lastly, part your hair & shape it to add a little volume!

5 Minute Classy Bun

Image 2

What you’ll need:
Bobby Pins
Hair accessories (optional)

1. Start off with your hair brushed back.
2. Part your hair down the middle as if you were doing pigtails.
3. With your hands around each section cross them over and tie into a knot.
4. Grab the left side of your hair, leave the other one down, and twist around the center of the knot securing it with bobby pins.
5. Do the same with the right piece of hair going in the opposite direction of the right side. Secure a tight hold with bobby pins.
6. Add a little hairspray and more bobby pins if needed. Complete your look with glimmering hair clips or jewels for a festive look.

Pretty Ladder Braid

Check out the step by step tutorial:

Which look will you try this Christmas?

– Ashley M.



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