Beat Boredom: 9 Films That Never Get Old

14th Sep 2014 / By JustFab Editor

We have all had those nights when we just want to stay in and watch a film, or maybe even an entire day. To continue our beat boredom series we have compiled a list of 9 films that simply never get old, plus a few bonus recommendations.

Clueless- The perfect girl’s night in film about wealthy, style-obsessed, naïve, and mostly good natured teens and their high school antics.

Breakfast Club This high school drama features the hot young stars of the ’80s. With characters that portray five stereotypes of high school students it’s hard to not relate to these teens.

Mean Girls This cleverly written film is about the high school girls we love to hate, “the plastics”. You know you have a classic on your hands when every girl, and even guys, can quote it.

Anchorman- For those nights you just want to laugh uncontrollably. This 2004 film is set in the ’70s and mocks news reporters in all the right ways. Will Ferrell and cast are hysterical in this film. Viewer beware: you’ll catch yourself quoting this film for weeks to follow!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s A true classic and Audrey Hepburn’s most memorable role. Packed with glitz and glam, this film is about a young New York socialite’s romance.

Grease This ode to young love has captured the hearts of everyone. The ’50s inspired film helped to jump-start John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s careers. Grease is prefect for a family film night.

Miss Congeniality- With a quirky script and a little bit of action, this comedy about a tough FBI agent’s journey to becoming a beauty queen offers some good laughs. I mean, when has Sandra Bullock ever let us down?

Sandlot Released in 1993, this film is still a favourite. With a cast of rambunctious boys, this film shows the adventures of young teenage years. “You’re killing me smalls” remains a relevant quote. Quirky characters and a sweet storyline make this film a top pick for a night in with your loved ones.

Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon was the perfect pick for the lead role in this comedy that pokes fun at blondes. The storyline may be predictable at times, but you’ll find yourself rooting for this sweet blonde as she shows off her smarts in court.

BONUS: The following films are well on their way to becoming classics:

Bridesmaids With an undeniably funny storyline, and incredibly funny characters, this female-driven film is perfect for date night. Who could forget the scene when Kristen Wig tries to sneak into first class on the airplane and tells the flight attendant “help me I’m poor.”

The Hangover Appropriately set in Las Vegas, this film has just enough raunchy humour to keep you continuously laughing. Based on the idea of a bachelor party in Vegas, where anything and everything can go wrong and it does, this film makes your wild nights seem tame.

Iron Man This blockbuster was released in 2008. Robert Downey Jr. is prefect to play the superhero in this action packed film. Bits of romance and comedy make this film enjoyable to all ages.

What film would you add to our list?

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