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28th Aug 2014 / By Laura Dowse

Sunburnt shoulders, socks and sandals, and complaints that it’s too hot. It’s official; it’s the summer holidays. If you are soon jetting off on a much needed getaway, remember to consider your in-flight fashion. Here are 4 main ideas to get you started.

Layers are friends. You may be flying into a tropical paradise, but you will have to deal with the unpredictable British weather before you leave. A light jacket or cardigan can be very useful to wrap up warm in before you escape our sorry excuse for ‘summer’, and could protect you from the fierce aeroplane air-con.

Eyes usually suffer during flights; you may have been up all night getting ready and excited for the holiday ahead, the recycled plane air may have dried them, or you may have been sobbing due to your fear of flying. Before you land, quickly nip to the bathroom and make those peepers pop with a quick coat of mascara!
A handy alternative? Sunglasses. They’ll hide any smudges, smears or bags – and you’ll look like an A-lister strutting through the airport!

Dry, shrivelled, cracked lips are never a good look, and they don’t feel too great either. Slick on some lip balm throughout your flight to make sure that they stay hydrated.
A bottle of water can also do the trick. By deliberately missing your mouth (which is relatively easy to do on a bumpy flight), your lips will instantly be looking soft and moist. This method does come with some risks, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

We all know the challenge of greasy and flat hair, especially after a flight. However, a quick spray of dry shampoo can be your saviour, volumising those locks of yours. Just be careful not to hold the spray too close to the roots, or you risk emerging from the airport looking like you’ve got a thick layer of dust on your head.
If faced with the terrifying realisation that you do not have access to any dry shampoo, then remain calm. A dramatic head flick before emerging from the plane doors can be a temporary fix.

There you have it; four main flight fashion ideas to help you out this summer. Make sure you get your holiday off to a great start!

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