5 Trends That Should Stay in 2013

3rd Jan 2014 / By George Kotsiopoulous

2013 was really a fantastic year for fashion. Believe it or not, there aren’t too many terrible trends that I’d like to see go, but I was able to come up with a list of five that I’d love to see the Times Square ball drop on…

  1. Cutoff denim shorts: they continued to get smaller and tighter, leaving nothing to the imagination and causing endless cases of camel toe. They made LBC (lower butt cleavage) the norm, and that’s not OK.  There’s a huge difference between dressing for the beach and dressing to walk around in public.
  1. Tees and hats that riff on designer names: these wearable parodies were funny for a second, and now they’re everywhere and just one of those eye-roll inducing trends. The only people who get the joke are those who are in fashion, which is a very small percentage of the population. Not to mention, you’re wearing the hat or tee because you think it’s clever, but really, you’re making fun of the thing you love. It’s just weird.2013TrendsToEnd_Blog02v1
  1. Mineral wash – it wasn’t cute in the 80s, and it’s definitely not cute 30 years later. This is another look that people are wearing with irony, to be funny, and it’s not. Other 80s trends, like a Bill Cosby sweater for example, can be fun and recreated in a beautiful way. I’ve never seen mineral wash done pretty, and besides, I’m just not a fan of processed denim.
  1. M slits – I actually like this look, but it’s very hard to walk in this type of design because it always looks like something is dragging between your legs. I don’t recommend wearing things that only look good when you’re sitting or standing still…clothes should look beautiful when you move.
  2. 3D nail art – Our fully opposable thumbs are what separate us from animals, and when you pile them high with 3D nail art, you’re kind of limiting their use. This trend is practically sending women back to a time when they were damsels in distress and needed men to fend for them – I mean who can lift a finger under the weight of all that 3D nail art?

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