We Can’t Stop… Dressing Punk

29th Oct 2013 / By George Kotsiopoulous

Punk and grunge are two hot fall trends that show no signs of stopping. While a common interpretation of punk includes straps, safety pins, leather and more, punk was actually started as an anti-establishment movement. Grunge could be considered a distant relative; it’s a softened version of punk in a way, created in response to the excess of the ’80s. While punk is harsher and more costume-y, grunge is a bit more stripped back, dirty and dishevelled.

The true meaning of punk is being yourself and not caring what anyone else thinks, which is really what fashion is all about. And what celebrity better exemplifies that these days than Miley Cyrus?

While she has been getting so much criticism from detractors who feel that her new non-Hannah Montana persona is fake, I couldn’t disagree more. I’ve met Miley, and while it was just for a brief moment, first impressions are lasting, and I found her to be extremely genuine and without pretences. I didn’t get the slightest impression that she was posing, and while often meeting celebs can be a big letdown and fall short of expectations, she was exactly what I expected her to be.

Miley has been wearing several punk and grunge-inspired looks lately that can be great inspiration for wearing these trends.

This recent on stage look has touches of both punk and grunge. Wearing chain jewellery (much like her thick chain necklace) is an easy way to add a hint of punk to your look. Her creepers are a new take on grunge now and an update on the cutoff shorts and flannel shirt look of the ’90s.

The leather mini skirt made of buckles and straps that she wore to the Teen Choice Awards in August is also punk inspired. Miley wore it with a sheer top and bra, but this skirt would be great with a black T-shirt, an oversized sweater or with a blazer over it. This look can be worn over-the-top, as Miley wore it, or toned down.  The subdued version is a great way to get the punk look without looking too crazy. Wear the look with little combat boots, a ballet flat or a simple pump. Try a shoe in red or pink to add a pop of colour.

This party look that she sported at an event this summer is absolute anti-establishment with the half sweat pant/half jean. In a way, it’s a very grungy piece, whereas the leather bra top is totally punk. While the pants are not for everyone, they are clearly a statement, and their oversized nature (along with that of the jacket), tones down the overt sexiness of the look. I would adapt this outfit by pairing the bra top with a longer high waisted skirt showing just a sliver of upper midrift and giving off a ladylike vibe. You could also wear the bra top under a pantsuit, keeping your jacket buttoned all day and showing it off when you go out – party time!

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