28th Jun 2013 / By George Kotsiopoulous

While as a stylist and fashion editor I spend a lot of time creating the perfect outfit, a head to toe look is not complete without hair. I’ve seen shots achieve perfection – and fall flat- all due to a hairdo. In an attempt to get hairstyling the recognition it deserves, Hollywood hairstylist Ted Gibson even launched a campaign to try and get hairstylists acknowledged in their own category (separate from makeup) at the Academy Awards. I’ve selected some of my favorite hairstyles from days gone by.

Best Hairdos of all time


Strong, yet sexy, the Louise Brooks bob is my pick for this decade. Chin length with a bang, it’s worn today by the most powerful woman in fashion – Anna Wintour.


My favorite look from this era is Jean Harlow’s platinum locks. Blonde and beautiful, her honeyed strands were the perfect shade. Gwen Stefani wears this look flawlessly today.


This decade is home to my all-time favorite  hair – the side part and soft wave that Lauren Becall and Veronica Lake wore so well. Framing the face perfectly, this style screams old Hollywood glamour and is consistently recreated. Jessica Chastain and January Jones both wear this look often on the red carpet.


Liz Taylor’s short ‘do is my favorite look of the ’50s. It’s effortlessly chic while still being modern for the time.


Marlo Thomas in That Girl had such modern hair at the time, and the style is just perfectly retro today. With full body and a fun flip, it’s playful and cheery.


Goldie Hawn’s long blonde locks were the original boho style long before her daughter Kate Hudson emulated the look. This look is fun, flirty and carefree.


Brooke Shields‘ big voluminous hair was so healthy and beautiful. Full and lush, it was the envy of women everywhere.


Sun-kisssed blonde streaked hair is my most memorable look of the ’90s. Seen on the heads of Jennifer Aniston and Salma Hayek, it was super-hot at the time.

While hair trends will come and go, it’s important to find a look that suits you. Many women today are wearing their hair natural, even choosing to wear their everyday hairstyle to the most important event of their life – their wedding – a la Kate Middleton. When in doubt, my two favorite go-to hairstyles that look good on just about everyone are a slicked back ponytail and messy bun. There’s a whole chapter on hair in my book, Glamorous By George, out early next year.

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Congrats on your book George will sure get a copy. l adored Brooke's hair growing up, loved her in Suddenly Susan (am showing my age Another great read, thank you for sharing.

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