8th Mar 2013 / By George Kotsiopoulous

A couple of months ago, I was showing my assistants this exquisite emerald green leather peacoat I got from Giorgio Armani. I was so excited to try it on for them until they uttered five words I never want to hear again: YouLookLike.AnElf. I was crushed. I looked in the mirror and they were totally right. Granted, at the time I was wearing burgundy jeans, a yellow T-shirt and tan boots. I still hated them, but I could not argue. With those five words, they ruined the jacket for me.

Green is a pretty tricky colour – but it’s not only Pantone’s proclaimed Colour of the Year, it’s also the customary hue of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. If you wear emerald green with red or burgundy, you will probably look like a Christmas elf. I would also suggest not wearing it with tone-on-tone or with other shades of green. You risk looking like Peter Pan, a leprechaun or the Jolly Green Giant.

Green and yellow never seem to work for me, because there are just way too many flags and sports teams associated with this combination of colours. In my opinion, green and orange on their own are just plain ugly – let alone wearing them together. Easy rule, green is not conducive with primary colours (yellow, blue and red).

However, do use emerald green as a pop of colour. Remember Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Oscars? That year it was all about her fabulous Lorraine Schwartz earrings that gave her simple black Elie Saab gown its ‘wow’ factor.

The other night I was at the Bulgari dinner in honor of the designer’s Elizabeth Taylor exhibit when Julianne Moore swooped in wearing this incredible emerald and diamond necklace that was given to Taylor by Richard Burton while they were filming Cleopatra. Fashion-savvy Moore kept her look simple with sleek hair and a melon-hued Alexander McQueen dress to allow the necklace to shine.

The most modern and chic way to wear a bold jewel tone, like emerald green, is to mix it with a neutral like black, grey, nude or white. Or if you want to be a bit more bold, fuchsia and purple look awesome with emerald green. I ended up wearing my fabulous Armani coat with a black sweater and jeans. Needless to day, I did not look like an elf, and I got many compliments on my amazing coat.

Follow these rules and your friends will be GREEN with envy!

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